Repair PST Windows 8 Using PST Repair Tool And Resolve Corruption Issues Efficiently

If you are using outlook on Windows 8, and probably you have noticed that your PST file is excessively slows down or just having errors. Then, you need to scan and repair your PST to make it accessible. If you are searching for PST repair Tool that repairs the outlook PST efficiently, then you have come to the right place. Your search for PST repair Tool ends here. This is the ultimate tool that will fix all the PST Errors issues to repair outlook PST Windows 8 as well as all of its precedent versions.

Some Advanced and Powerful features of the software is as follows: -

  • Repairs and recover outlook mailboxes and other components , such as emails , messages , attachments , journals , calendars , notes and more from all kinds of PST corruptions.
  • Recovers all of your accidentally or intentionally deleted mails, even after emptying from 'Deleted items folder' .
  • Show you the preview of all recoverable items.
  • It enables selective recovery of email-objects on single or multiple criteria.
  • Allows you to search for emails from the long list of repairable items.

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PST Repair Tool Is The One Of The Most Smartest Repair Tool :-

PST Repair Tool is one of the smartest repair tool that will resolve all the corruption issues in a very easy and smart way and repair PST Windows 8 without discomforting its users a little bit. It is three-in-one repair tool that repairs and recovers PST files even if it is corrupted due to some virus attacks or deleted intentionally or accidentally, it repairs oversized PST files as well as the password protected PST Files. By using the tool, you can easily perform the following types of recovery :-

Repair PST :- This PST repair tool can efficiently repair the damaged, corrupted or inaccessible PST file from all types of corruption issues. In order to fix the corrupted PST files, you can use Scanpst.exe that is the inbuilt repair tool provided by Microsoft but this tool is not always able to repair every kind of corrupted PST file. Inbox repair tool can repair the damaged header but can't repair the corruptions that occurs due to some version upgrades. But the suggested repair tool will repair PST files from any types of corruptions.

Repair Oversized PST :- Oversized PST file is the another possible reason for PST corruption. You can use PST2GB.EXE utility to repair 2 GB PST files but it consumes a lots of time in repairing. This tool has one more limitation that is repairs 2GB files but if you want to repair files that is bigger that 2GB file size, you may fails and also it may deletes some of the very important files during splitting process and if you don't have any backup, then you have to face some serious data loss problems. So, for your data integrity and safety, you are advised to use PST Repair Tool. This tool have the ability to split the oversized PST file into small and proper chunks and repair even file size exceeds the limits of 2GB.

Recover Password Protected PST :- In order to repair your password protected PST, you can scan the PST files using Scanpst.exe and then use PST19upg.exe. But this tool has no surety to recovers the password protected files and it also doesn't work with 2007 and 2003 unicode formats. So, for the efficient recovery of your password protected PST Files, you are suggested to use PST Repair Tool .

PST Repair Tool Is The Most Effective Software :-

The PST Repair Tool is very effective in repairing and recovering the damaged or corrupted PST from several kind of corruption reasons such as virus attacks, voltage surges, bad sector issues, oversized PST file corruption issues or password protected PST file corrupted. It is one of the smartest tool that probably repair PST windows 8 easily and recovers all the data stored in it completely and safely. It is the best tool in compare to the following inbuilt repair tool :-

Outlook Compatibility :- It is very advanced tool that is compatible with all versions of MS outlook, such as :-

  1. Outlook 2000
  2. Outlook 2002
  3. Outlook 2003
  4. Outlook 2007
  5. Outlook 2010

Windows Compatibility :- This tool is compatible with all windows versions such as:

  1. Windows 2000
  2. Windows Server 2003
  3. Windows XP
  4. Windows Vista
  5. Windows 7

So, If Your Outlook PST file is gone under corruption due to any reason, then you should use the software comfortably to repair PST file which can now repairs PST windows 8 as it has simple user-interface that allow anyone to use it in a hassle-free manner and repair the damaged or corrupted PST easily and completely.

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How to Use Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 1 : Download and install Outlook PST Repair software after which following main interface of Software appears on the screen. In the 'Select Outlook Data File' dialog box. Click on “Select Outlook File” to select the particular file that is to be recovered from a specific location. And in the case if you do not know the exact location of PST file than click “Find Outlook File” to search for the file PST file .

Step 2 : After this the selected file path can be seen in Select Outlook Data File (PST)' text box . Now click on “Start” button to start the scanning process.

Step 3 : A progress bar appears in the interface that shows the scanning process is going on . Clicking on STOP button will stop the process.

Step 4 : After the scanning process gets over, than entire recovered mailbox folders and other Outlook stuffs are listed in the left side of the interface. A particular item can be selected to be previewed in the same window. Outlook PST Repair software s enables you to preview mails, messages, calendars, contacts, notes, journals, tasks etc.

Step 5 : Now check mark all the box that is present in the left side of the interface and Click “Save Recovered file “ Button which appears at the top of the interface. Than a dialog box which ask about the destination where the PST file can be saved. Click “OK” after giving the destination path.

Step 6 : Recovered Pat file saved at the specified location. And progress bar shows the saving process.

Step 7 : After the saving process gets completed, a dialog box appears that shows the 'Destination path' and the 'Recovered File Size'.

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