Fix PST 0x800ccc19 error

Help ! Help ! Is there anyone who tell me how do I resolve the error message "Error Number: 0x800CCC19" when sending a message in Outlook Express in Microsoft Windows 7 ? I was really very frustrate with this annoying error because it stops me from receiving and sending messages. Even I am unable to open my Outlook to check my mails ........ James Clark

If any of you have also the same problem as the above mentioned, then need not to worry, you have come to the right place !

So, if you are continuously receiving error message 0x800CCC19 on your Microsoft outlook and also if you are fails troubleshoot this error, then you need to first know why this error occurs. The most possible reason behind this error is 'operation timed out' issue or it may happens because your outlook PST file is gone under corruption and that's why displaying error message.

Symptoms Of The Error :

When your Outlook Pst is trapped by the timed out error corruption, then you becomes unable to see Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) email-account as the email server fails to open your email accounts and instead display the following error messages :

Operation times out is waiting for a response from a server 0x8004210a (receiving server)


Fails To Communicate With Server "0x800ccc19" - Timed-Out

So, if you are receiving Timed-Out error messages repeatedly whenever you attempts to send or receive on your PC, it means that your Outlook PST File is gone under corruption and you need to fix it at the earliest.


Possible Causes and Cautious To Fix 0x800ccc19 Error :

The problem may also arises due to some poor configuration settings or the registry of your system is corrupted. Due to this harmful issue not only the MS office application suffers but also it impacts on the whole performance of your PC. So, you need to resolve this issue with the help of steps given below :

  • It may corrupt due to corruption of the pop3uidl file. You need to close the Internet connection and all programs. Search for pop3uidl file and delete it. Connect to your Internet again and it should work.
  • Before you check your mail again, you need to repeat step 1 and restart your PC.
  • 3. It may also happens due to the mail that do not conform to the mail RFC's or due to a corrupt or a very large file attachment on your mail server. Mail with lost or missing headers, large file attachments are also possible cause of this error and corruption in the PST file.

With the deletion of pop3uidl file, this error will be fixed and enable the outlook PST but if it fails to fix this issue, then you need to take help of third Party PST Repair Tool for make your PST file accessible.

PST Repair Tool - To Automatically Fix 0x800ccc19 Error :

PST Repair Tool is an advanced and powerful tool especially designed to fix PST issues to any degree of corruptions by using powerful algorithms and to make your PST file accessible. This tool is also very effective that can recover all of your data safely into its original form without modifying the folder structure and the metadata, so that you can comfortably repair and recover your valuable data to a new PST File. It is also designed with highly graphical user friendly interface and so anyone can use PST Repair Tool in hassle-free manner. It is compatible with the latest version with Windows OS that is Windows 8.

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